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Integrating SMS gateway into Drupal

I finished writing PHP code for customer from RAC who needed SMS gateway.

Publicdrum/Yahoo Upcoming/Eventful - matching categories

I had finished working on integrating events with Eventful and Yahoo Upcoming through API calls.

Matching event venues with Eventful database

Tries to match event venue name and city from with Eventful venue.

Searching iTunes store for a song

Simple iTunes store search.

Using Flickr API to search for photos

Simple search for Flickr photos using API feed.

Using Youtube API to search for videos

PHP code which perfoms this search comes from Vikram's Vaswani article : Use the YouTube API with PHP. is an online service for providing unlocking codes for Nokia mobile phones. Few forms with JavaScript functions to validate user input and reload contents. MySQL database to populate menu elements. Glued together with a good dose of PHP. Available in polish and english language. Can be used with web services interface, more details will be posted here soon. WSDL description is here.